Vegetable Garden & Garden Experience

Dear to our Hearts

Our Garden of Experience:

Lovely scenting flowers and fascinating plants grow in the garden surrounding the Biohotel Hörger and make is a powerful place, where we can reacquaint ourselves with our own naturalness. Where we can feel our own rhythm. The power of the seasons. And maybe decelerate and be able to lead more relaxed lives.

Natural gardens are not nature reservoirs. They are reservoirs for people and primarily serve our recreation and joie de vivre. And yet with local wild plants one automatically turns into a creator. Little and bigger cohabiters turn up in abundance and it is a matter dear of our hearts to observe them. Sowing and planting is the horticultural heritage of humanity.

In our nature garden we can freely express it. With plenty of earthy connectedness. Even the grooming and caring is a basic human need. Our nature garden must be groomed too – it needs less care than others, but still. And some fitness is not amiss.  If mowing a wild flower pasture by scythe is too alien to you, you may use a string trimmer or a scythe mower instead.

A wild garden is a place for living and filled with life...for enjoying … for being and getting introspective … for recreation and relaxation … a peaceful place … and a powerful one … a constructive place … a place of perpetual joy … something to like and love … something sensual … can you think of anything else...?

Our Vegetable Garden:

Since April 2013 we have been pursuing market gardening on an area of one hectare. We want to offer our guests fresh herbs, salads and other delights directly from the field. Jürgen Sailer has turned our field into a vegetable patch.


What else we offer

Reinhard Witt Gardening

Your garden designer close to nature. A natural garden is not a short-lived and temporary fashion trend, but a life philosophy, namely the consciously saying “yes” to life and letting live, to local animals and plants.