Organic Cuisine

Because we appreciate, what we love.

“Bio” and organic are more than just seals to us. They are a standard and a passion. A credo that is meant to enthuse with its taste and remembers at the preciousness of our idyllic homeland at the same time. For this reason, we spoil you at the Biohotel Hörger with 100% organic specialties. Sustainable, healthy and always from ecological, non-genetically modified agriculture. We exclusively use produce from species-appropriate bred animals and use no products which are grown with artificial fertilizers and treated chemically.  From these our kitchen team gently creates culinary highlights. Of course without the use of artificial flavours and seasonings. Enjoy pure organic quality. Refined with selected organic spices, stone salt from South Germany and fresh herbs from our own garden. 

We guarantee our guests that we exclusively use and process organic food and let us check four times a year by an independent certified institute (Fa. ABCert in Augsburg, control no. D-By-00643968-B). They check the flow of goods (origin, breeding, processing) and our hygiene standards.

By comparing all bought and sold quantities it is checked that the providers specified in our menu are really our providers for all sold quantities and thus all the produce used is organic.

Species-appropriate breeding is a must. For producing animal feed and food production no chemical pesticides, no artificial fertilizers and no genetically modified organisms are allowed.

We use exclusively natural flavours, herbs and stone salt from South Germany. Forbidden are artificial flavour enhancers (glutamate), chemical or nature-identical flavours, irradiated food (gamma rays, all ionizing rays, e.g. microwave).


We value sustainable working. Different control points support our development. You as our guest are our biggest motivational force.